History Needs Coffee

Treason, pirating, stealing as well as profit were caused by the desperate need for coffee. Everyone from religious figures to ordinary people wanted this energizing drink that reportedly is “The favorite drink of the civilized world” – Thomas Jefferson.

For further information on the legends of coffees spread visit http://www.ncausa.org/About-Coffee/History-of-Coffee

5 Failed bans


Because of coffee’s bitter taste and dark colour clergymen wanted it to be banned and pronounced Satanic. But luckily for those who need their morning fix of caffeine Pope Clement VII developed a taste for the “devils brew” and even said it should be baptized it was so delicious.


The governor of Mecca believed that coffee stimulated hanging out and radical thinking that would unite his opposition not only was it banned but some Sufi sects gave coffee a negative reputation by using bowls of coffee to stay awake during funeral prayers.


If a citizen was caught with their morning cuppa in 1623 Constantinople , their day was bound to be a bad one as Murad IV had forbidden coffee with a set of ‘reasonable’ fines. The first was being beaten and then if they were caught again authorities would sew them into a leather bag and throw them into the Bosporus.


In Sweden King Gustav III must have had a pretty bad experience with coffee maybe he spilt it on his ‘thing’ when he was a kid as that would provide an explanation of the plain idiocy of his law. Not only was coffee prohibited but coffee paraphernalia was as well which meant that the police went door to door confiscating cups and tableware. King Gusty also forced convicted murders to drink coffee to see how long coffee takes to kill people. Is he crazy or what?


At least this guy in Prussia (Frederick the Great of Prussia) didn’t ban coffee he just argued that beer was better for breakfast then coffee his reason for this was “His Majesty was brought up on beer”. Pretty stupid reason right